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Appendectomy is surgery done to remove the appendix. This is done to remove an appendix that is swollen and inflamed due to an infection. Occasionally an inflamed appendix can burst within days of symptoms. It is therefore essential to have an appendectomy done as soon as symptoms show.


Appendectomy can be done using the following types of anesthesia.

General anesthesia : Patient will be put to sleep and no pain will be felt during surgery.

Spinal anesthesia : The medicine is put into your back to numb below your waist. You may also be given medication to make you sleepy.

During the procedure, the surgeon makes a small cut in the lower right side of your belly area and removes the appendix . This is known as open appendectomy. He may also remove the appendix using  small surgical cuts and a camera. This is known as a  laparoscopic appendectomy.Your abdomen will be washed out during surgery if the appendix is burst and a pocket of infection ( abscess ) has formed. A small tube may be left in the belly area to help drain out the pus.


It is done for appendicitis. Appendicitis  can be difficult to diagnose especially in the elderly, children and women of child-bearing age.

Appendicitis – Know your symptoms !!!


Like with any procedure , there are risks associated with appendectomy. These include the following

Risks associated with surgery : These include bleeding and infections.

Risks associated with anesthesia : These include breathing problems and reaction to medication.

Risks associated with appendectomy done to remove a raptured appendix : These include pus buildup, longer hospital stay and side effects from medications.

Other complications include peritonitis, bowel obstruction and wound infection.


Patients may typically stay in the hospital for a couple of days after surgery. He may also resume normal activities within  2 to 4 weeks after the surgery.

Recovery is slower and hospital stay is longer if the appendix was raptured and abscess formed.


Living without an appendix causes no medical problems.

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