Flatulence – Fart Yourself To Good Health !!!!

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Flatulence is a normal process that relieves the body of gases such as nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and methane. The biggest smell producing compound that is found in flatulence is sulfur producing compounds that are found in foods like dairy products, meats and some vegetables. Passing gas can be embarrassing but it is good for digestive health. Trying to hold in gas can result in discomfort, bloating, high blood pressure, dyspepsia and pyrosis.  Excess gas passing however may be a sign of a medical disorder or due to food intolerance. Consult your doctor for check up.


Flatulence  indicates good intestinal activity. Someone who has undergone surgery with general anesthesia need to pass gas  before doctors can allow him to eat or drink .During surgery the anesthesia makes patient  sleepy and it has the same effect on the intestines. Passing gas  after surgery is a sign of recovery. It means your intestines are ready to work and digest food.


Passing gas  lowers your intestinal pressure. It prevents stretching of your large intestines, small intestines and stomach. This painful stretching can cause cramps, bloating and diarrhea.


To prevent constipation, you need to pass gas. As food moves through the intestines towards the colon, it pushes trapped air ahead of it. If this air is not gotten rid of through flatulence, it can lead to  intestinal and stomach stretching and eventually constipation.


Pilots are urged to pass gas  when they have to because  holding in gas diminishes concentration and may affect their ability to control the aircraft.


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