AGING GRACEFULLY AND NATURALLY – natural home remedies

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Aging is an unavoidable process but the question how to age gracefully. A lot of people have resorted to surgery and pills as  time busters but there are numerous natural remedies that do an even better job. There are also certain foods that can make you look 10 years or more younger than your age. Natural anti aging remedies keep your skin looking fresh and youthful as you age. The goal with this article is to help people age gracefully without any surgical or medical intervention.


The stresses of life causes premature aging of the skin. Premature skin aging can make people look more than 10 years older than their age. Luckily, there are natural home remedies to follow to get your youthful elegance and look back.

Massage the years away with almond  or coconut oil before going to bed. Almond oil is one of the best skin care ingredients. It helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and also improves complexion. It is the key ingredient in most skin care products.

Just like almond oil, coconut oil is also one of the best natural skin care products. It is popular for reducing fine lines and wrinkles and also tightening sagging skin. Massaging your face with one of these oils before going to bed will reduce wrinkles, tighten your skin naturally  and also give you a natural facelift.

Apply an aloe Vera gel to the skin to correct premature skin aging for a natural younger look.

Cucumber – You can never go wrong with cucumber in a salad but did you know that grated cucumber in a face pack can give you a youthful appearance and restore radiance to a prematurely aged skin?


Loose facial skin is a very common symptom of aging. A lot of people pay hundreds and even thousands of dollars to have their skin tightened or have a facelift. Remember there are also natural home remedies which do not involve surgery or medication that can give you the beautiful natural facelift you have always dreamed of.

Egg white mask – Restore your skin’s elasticity and get rid of under eye wrinkles by applying whipped egg white to the lines under your eyes.  You can also apply the egg white to your whole face to tighten sagging skin. Let it dry for 20 minutes and then wash. This will tone your facial skin and reduce pore size.

Cabbage face mask – Cabbage has 5 vitamins A,B,C,K and P which provide a lot of nourishment to the skin. A face mask made up of  3 tablespoons of chopped cabbage, 2 teaspoons of rice flour and 1 egg white will reduce fine lines and wrinkles and tighten facial skin.

Papaya facial mask – Papaya contain the enzyme papain that clears wrinkles, reduces pores and gives you a softer natural and fresh looking skin. A face mask of mashed papaya, honey and rice flour on your face for 20 minutes and washed afterwards with warm water is one of the best ways to remove wrinkles and tighten sagging skin.

Aloe Vera juice – Aloe Vera clears the skin and remove impurities that clog pores. Applying aloe Vera juice on your face tightens your facial skin and also moisturizes the skin.

Olive oil – This maintains firmness of facial skin. A mixture of olive oil and lemon juice rubbed on the face for 15 – 30 minutes and rinsed with warm water moisturizes and brightens the skin. Note that lemon juice contains vitamin C which is a powerful natural bleaching agent.


Lemon juice – This contains vitamin C which has great bleaching ability. It fades the pigment melanin which gives age spots their color. To get rid of age spots, apply a few drops of lemon juice everyday for up to 6 weeks. Note that you have to leave it on there for 15 minutes before rinsing.  Lemon juice increases the skin sensitivity to sunlight, rinse off lemon juice before heading out.

Apple cider vinegar –  Combine 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and 1 teaspoon of orange juice and apply to age spots using a cloth or cotton wool.

Caster oil – Rub caster oil on age spots in the morning and evening and age spots will disappear in a month.

Aloe Vera juice – Apply aloe Vera juice on age spots twice a day and the spots will disappear in a month or 2.


Avocado mask - For a younger looking skin, add avocado to your daily skin care routine. The anti oxidants in avocado reduce free radicals in the human body. As we age our skin become dry, the oily nature of avocado gives your skin a rejuvenated look.

Potato – This is a simple home remedy used to remove blemish marks and dark pigments on facial skin. Rub slices of potato over the area. This home remedy is also good for removing fine lines and wrinkles on the face. Place 2 slices of potatoes on your eyes for 10 minutes to remove under eye wrinkles.

Honey – This is one of the best skin care products. It is an effective agent against fine lines under the eye. Applying honey around the skin of the eyes will combat tired looking eyes. It also works to retain moisture to the skin and keep the skin well hydrated. Apply honey to your face to remove acne and also to moisturize the skin.

Milk – This is very gentle and also effective for removing dead cells. The lactic acid it contains helps generate new skin cells. Splash on a little milk every night after washing your face for a fresh young complexion.

These anti aging home care remedies are cost and time effective and they also work well and sometimes even better than expensive surgeries and medications.

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