An Active Sex Life Keeps the Doctor Away!!!

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Just like taking regularly visits to the gym to maintain a healthy life style, sexually activity should also be on the regular to -do- list for a healthy life style. Have you ever wondered how to stay  healthy physically, mentally and emotionally? The simple answer is regular sexual active. Oh yes, having  a gratifying sexual act with your partner can keep your doctor away for as long as possible. People who engage in fulfilling sexual act at night always look and feel fit and fresh in the morning. The key to a healthy mind and heart is passionate and fulfilling sex. It is that simple – Healthy sex life leads to a healthy life. But how is this possible?

Relieve stress and maintain a healthy blood pressure with regular sex

Sex is a stress buster. Being sexually active will improve your mood and reduce your stress level drastically. The reason being that sex lowers anxiety levels, boost relaxation and aids sleeping.

Fight depression with sex

Whenever you engage in sexual activity, hormones are released in the brain and stimulated to help one achieve maximum sexual satisfaction. The hormones released help to reduce depression.

Reduce the risk of prostrate cancer with more ejaculations

Although there are several factors that contribute to developing prostrate cancer, several studies show that men who ejaculate more are less likely to be diagnosed with the disease. This study is especially true for men in their 20s and 30s as it reduces their risk of prostrate cancer later in life.

More sex means better immune system

Studies show that people who engage in sexual act once or twice a week have higher levels of immunoglobulin A or IgA. This antibody help the body fight against disease.

Burn calories with good, vigorous sex

Sex is a good form of exercise. It helps in weight loss. Research shows that people burn approximately 4 calories per minute of sex or 300 calories or more for an hour of sex depending on how vigorous the sex is. It also stretches and tones your body muscles.

Sexual activity improves healthy heart

Regular sexual activity boost your fitness level and keeps your heart healthy. A man’s chance of having a heart attack are cut down in half if he engages in sex at least twice a week. Although some older men  fear that sex can cause a stroke, studies show no linkage between the two.

Sex is a hormone booster

Regular sexual activity releases hormones  in males and females. It increases the level of testosterone and estrogen in males and females. Testosterone builds strong muscles and bones on your body and estrogen helps protect the heart.

Experience better self esteem with sex

One of the reasons people have sex is to feel good about themselves. Great sex however begins with self esteem but the love and connection during sex gives you even better self esteem.

Sex promotes intimacy

The love hormone -oxytocin- is released during orgasm. This hormone help people to bond and build trust. Thus a satisfying sexual relationship strengthen bonds between couples and makes them feel loved and secure. Snuggling up with your partner may help you feel a sense of generosity towards each other as oxytocin has been linked with a feeling of generosity.

Is sex a painkiller?

Yes, oxytocin boosts endorphins – your body’s painkiller. PMS symptoms, arthritis pains, headaches and other body pains may improve after sex.

Live longer with regular sex

Orgasms release the hormone DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone), which is a mood lifter and also boost the immune system. This hormone can also repair damaged cells, give you healthier skin and improve your thought processes. As little as 2 orgasms a week can boost your longevity.

Relieve insomnia with regular sex

Oxytocin released during orgasm promotes sleep. Enough sleep has a lot of health benefits like healthy weight and better blood pressure.

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