How To Get Strong And Healthy Nails

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Nails are made of keratin. The hard surface of nails protects the tip of your fingers and toes. It is essential to get healthy and strong nails. Strong and healthy nails are a sign of good health while weak and brittle nails are a sign of nutritional deficiencies such as protein, B vitamins, vitamin A, calcium, zinc, iodine, and iron which nails rely on.



Stop biting and picking nails. This can create fractures at the corners and eventually lead to breakage. Removing your cuticle can also destroy your nail bed and gives bacteria an opening to enter your skin and cause infection.

Wear rubber gloves whenever you do house work such as scrubbing bathroom and washing dishes.It protects your nails from dirt and harsh detergents that break down nails.

Trim nails regularly using manicure clippers. It is easier to trim your nails after a shower because nails are softer and easier to clip.

Use acetone – free remover to remove nail polish. Acetone dries out nails, causing cracks which can lead to infections.

Do not keep your nails in water all the time. Nails are porous and absorb water. Keeping them water all the time makes them weak. Keeping them damp also increases your risk of fungal infections.They need to be dried at least 2 minutes  after being in water for  a while.

To prevent fungal infection, it is better to wear 100% cotton socks. They are able to absorb dampness and this prevents fungal infection. It is also good to air out boots and athletics shoes to prevent damp wet shoes which can also lead to fungal infection.

Take care of your nails. Regular manicure which includes filing and cuticle care are essential for healthy nails. Filing your nails should be done correctly. File in one direction instead of filing back and forth. You should also not file your nails rights after you shower because your nails are weak and brittle after a shower.It is also crucial to clean under your nails and moisturize them to prevent breakage. It is essential to trim your nails straight across to prevent in growth.

Massage your nails to keep them strong and increase blood supply to the area.

Keep nails hydrated by rubbing a little petroleum jelly around your cuticle every night before you go to bed. You can also use castor oil . It has a lot of vitamin E and its also good fo your cuticle. Olive oil also works as a moisturizer for your nail.

Wear gloves during the cold wintry season to prevent your nails from drying out and causing damage.

Eat a balance diet. Eating nutritious food and staying hydrated really helps to keep your nails healthy and  strong.

Polish your nails to protect them . If you use color, you use a base coat. Remove nail polish after one week to prevent chipped nail polish.

Use nail strengthener on your nails. They strengthen the molecules of the nail and mak them strong










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