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Image credit: scis65 / 123RF Stock Photo

Image credit: scis65 / 123RF Stock Photo

Eucalyptus is a tree whose dried leaves and oil are used to make medicine. The leaves are leathery in texture and hang obliquely and contain glands with volatile  oil. Eucalyptus is native to Australia. Eucalyptus extract can be harmful in larger or undiluted doses. Check with your doctor before using it for medicinal purposes.



Eucalyptus leaves are used for treating respiratory problems like cough, bronchitis, sinusitis,asthma, whooping-cough, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and pulmonary tuberculosis. It’s active ingredient, cineole acts as an expectorant and decongestants. It anti-inflammatory property helps it loosen mucus and break up nasal decongestants.

This oil of this herb has germicidal properties making it a good antiseptic. Hence it’s good for cuts , burns, bruises and healing wounds. It also helps on insect stings and bites and also used as an insect repellant.

The oil is also a common ingredient in antiseptic mouthwashes. It helps kill bacteria that causes bad breadth , cavities, dental plagues and gingivitis. Eucalyptus oil is also used in dentistry  as sealers and solvents for root canal fillings.

Its antioxidants properties inhibit abnormal cell growth and help prevent cell damage. This helps in preventing some forms of cancer.

Eucalyptus oil is massaged into the skin to relieve muscle and joint pain. It is also used for rheumatism, stiff muscles, spain ligaments and so on. This ability to relieve all sorts of pain is due to its anti-inflammatory and  analgesic properties.

This  herb’s oil is used as  a fragrance in perfumes and cosmetics.

The oil of this plant is called the fever oil because it is used to treat fever and reducing temperature. It also controls blood sugar thereby helping in diabetes.

Dried eucalyptus leaves in used as a flavoring a in foods.

Its oil is used to treat skin infections and disorders such as acne and ringworm.

The deodorant nature of eucalyptus oil makes it good as a room freshener for places like hospitals.

It can be used for massage or for hot baths in order to refresh and energize the body, to provide it with a good stamina and to stimulate the blood flow.

Inhaling and exhaling the essential oil of this herb is good for ear infections because it opens the eustachian tubes.

Its antiseptic property makes it a good ingredient for cleaning floors, removing stains and for washing pets like dogs.



Eucalyptus oil is UNSAFE when applied to the skin or taken orally undiluted. It is also UNSAFE for children. Ask your doctor BEFORE taking this herb or any other herb for medicinal purposes. Consult your health care practitioner if you pregnant, have an underlying medical condition or on any medication before taking this herb.







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